» » Models / Модели(1997)

Models / Модели(1997)

Models / Модели(1997)

Режиссер: Kris Kramski
Студия: Sin City

В ролях:
Anita Blond
Diana Stevenson
Dru Berrymore
Katie Gold
Nancy Vee
Tina Tyler
J. D.
James Bonn
Michael J. Cox

A penetrating look at the hardcore world of ultra-chic sex. An ultra-hip, ultra-cool world of hot, wet willing flesh... from the casting couches to the sin soaked studio session to the wild all-night wrap parties. This is the world of photographer James Bonn, a cynical, burn-out whose days and nights of twisted starlets, oversexed make-up girls and sexual decadence are beginning to take it's toll. Award winning director Kris Kramski exposes the raw, naked truth in a shocking look at the sex & skin world of the supermodel.

Раздел / Category: ПОРНО ФИЛЬМЫ

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